imc STUDIO Software Download

imc STUDIO 5.2R17

imc STUDIO 5.2R17 is the new standard delivery version as of 2020-09-08 and replaces the previous version.
Including imc WAVE and the firmware and devices driver package imc DEVICES 2.13R8.

imc STUDIO demo (30-day full version)


Download (2.0 GB) without the following additional components: imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter and third party devices


Download (3.6 GB) including: imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter, third party devices and imc WAVE


  • This current version will replace all earlier versions of imc STUDIO.
    We generally recommend to always use the latest release version, provided on this page for download.
  • In case you currently work with an imc STUDIO 5.2 revision earlier than R7, we strongy advise you to update [IT#30949].
    If you have any questions, our imc hotline will be happy to help you.
  • The Update from imc STUDIO 5.0 or older to imc STUDIO 5.2 is not for free.

What is new?

Older Versions

An archive with earlier versions of imc STUDIO (complete packages including their corresponding imc DEVICES firmware and device drivers) is provided at: imc CLOUD.


Firmware and Driver: imc DEVICES

In the document "Info_imc_STUDIO_vs_imc_DEVICES" you will find detailed information about the following topics:

  • Rules and guidelines on compatibility
  • Operating multiple versions of imc DEVICES simultaneously
  • Installation procedures
  • AddOns vs. Revisionsl

The update from imc DEVICES 2.6 or older to imc DEVICES 2.13 is not for free.


Herramienta de reparación

  • Por favor, copie repair.exey dirrepair.exeen el archivocorrespondientecon los archivoscon defectoy ejecute eldirrepair.baten unaventanade DOS. Después, debería ser posible abrirlosarchivos.